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At the first meeting of the Clacton Labour Party since the General Election, members heard that the campaign had attracted something over 70 new members, bringing the total membership up to a record 400. Our Parliamentary Candidate, Tasha Osben, thanked everyone for their “monumental effort” in supporting her and in forging a real grass roots movement made up of older more experienced members and younger enthusiastic members. She said it had put the Party on a solid footing for going forward and that this was just the start of campaigning across the constituency which will lead on to much greater success in the future. 

Clacton Labour Party at a recent Social event


The Chair, George Taylor, thanked Tasha for all her hard work and said that Clacton Labour Party had been recognised by the Eastern Regional Office, who had sent him an email congratulating the members on a “magnificent campaign.”

The meeting was also told that it had been agreed that Clacton MIU would be kept open. Campaigns organiser, Chris Bee, said this was an excellent result and that it was largely down to the Clacton Labour Party’s campaign. He warned though that this wasn’t the end of the matter and pressure needed to be kept up to ensure the NHS was properly funded in this area.

Labour Party Membership in Clacton over 400

At the first meeting of the Clacton Labour Party since the General Election, members heard that the campaign had attracted something over 70 new members, bringing the total membership up...

Dear all,


Firstly, I would like to thank everybody who has supported me in standing as Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Clacton: from friends both within and outside of the Labour Party who urged me to put myself forward, who had confidence in my principles and the strength of my conviction; to fellow members who gave me their backing throughout the selection process and believed that I was strong enough to stand up for what we all believe in, and who felt that I was a good enough candidate to represent our wonderful constituency in Parliament; to all of those who have been loyal and dedicated volunteers during this campaign - both those who are members of the party, and those who are not but who believe in what we are trying to do here - your commitment, dedication and hard work has been inspirational and I could not have done this without you.

I would also like to thank the thousands of residents in Clacton who trusted me enough to put their cross against my name on their ballot sheet. It has been an honour and a privilege to stand in this election and I am beyond grateful that so many people came out on polling day to show their support for the campaign that we have run and the policies that we have put forward.

I know many will be disappointed that Labour did not win a majority in Clacton or across the country, and I know that many will be looking ahead to the future under a Conservative-DUP ‘coalition of chaos’ with fear and anxiety in your hearts, but I want to take this moment to try to put forward a little bit of hope.

Hope is really what this campaign has been about. Against onslaughts of media smears and against the Tory narrative that ‘there is no alternative’ to austerity, and even against doubts from within our own party about the electability of a Labour Party that would be bold enough to put forward our manifesto for the many, we have done just that and our policies of hope and our call for change has been accepted with open arms. Political history was made on June 8th and we have moved the benchmarks for what can be defined as left or left-of-centre politics.

We must not be glum as we move forward. We, as a party and as a country, have laid the foundations for a future, which is truly fair for all, in which politics is there to serve the people, rather than the powerful. Theresa May called this election hoping to increase her majority, to receive the mandate that she wanted for her diabolical social care reforms, for scrapping free school meals, for continuing to cut our public services, for bringing back fox hunting, and for her reckless approach to Brexit. The people have refused to give her that mandate, and the Conservatives have lost their majority.

Meanwhile, against all the odds, in a general election that started with a seemingly impossible-to-bridge gap in polls between Corbyn’s Labour and May’s ‘strong and stable’ Conservative Party, Labour have gained 34 seats across the UK. The people have spoken, and they do not reject Corbyn’s Labour as ‘unelectable’; they do not reject Corbyn’s policies for the people as ‘impossible’; they have had enough of austerity politics, enough of a country run only for the few, and not for the many.

Jeremy Corbyn has been an inspiration to me throughout the course of this campaign. I have tried to be as approachable and accessible as possible. When people have tried to turn things personal, I have responded with dignity and civility; this campaign has been about policies, not personalities. I have followed Corbyn’s example and refused to engage in smears and personal insults. The Tories’ campaign relied too much on the latter, and fortunately for us all, I believe that has played a large part in their undoing.

This was always going to be a challenging election, but one thing is clear to us as we move forward: Labour has changed the debate in British politics, and Corbyn has solidified his rightful place as the leader of our party. We have put forward a detailed, costed manifesto with popular policies, reflecting the views of the majority in society and setting the Labour Party well apart from other political parties, giving comfort and inspiration to those previously-disillusioned members of the electorate who would usually have abstained from voting on the basis that all parties were the same. Throughout the course of this election campaign, Jeremy Corbyn has toured the country, and made countless appearances across all forms of media, and the more people have been exposed to the real Jeremy Corbyn - and not the twisted media misrepresentation of him - the more people have liked what they have seen.

I am heartened by the many MPs coming out and pledging their support for Corbyn; it takes a great quality of character to stand in the spotlight and admit, “I was wrong”. What Labour has achieved over the short 6 weeks of this snap-election is unbelievably exciting. Imagine what could have been achieved if the whole party had been united behind Corbyn from the day he was first elected, and now imagine what WILL be achieved, as we move forward in solidarity, as a reformed and unified party. I sincerely look forward to moving into this new era of British politics with you, as part of a Labour Party who is unashamedly standing up #ForTheMany, putting forward policies of hope, and opposing the Tories’ failed austerity politics, which benefit only the few.

Thank you again to everybody who voted for me, and to all who supported and volunteered in our campaign in Clacton. An 11% swing to the Labour Party was an unimaginable success at the start of this campaign, and it is due to the commitment and dedication of our volunteers and the brilliant, honest policies that we have been able to put forward under Corbyn’s leadership. I am excited to be moving forward as part of a Labour Party that has cemented its position as the party for the many, and I look forward to working with our members to continue to oppose austerity politics where they impact us at home in Clacton.

With warmest regards,


Tasha Osben


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An Open Letter to Clacton Constituents from Tasha Osben

Dear all, Firstly, I would like to thank everybody who has supported me in standing as Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Clacton: from friends both within and outside of the Labour...

Tasha Osben, Parliamentary Candidate for Clacton, gives her views on Brexit and Immigration. Transcript below.


I’m Tasha Osben; I’m the Labour Party Candidate for Clacton in the General Election.
When I’m out on the doorstep a question I’m frequently asked is, ‘where is Labour’s position on Brexit, and where do you stand on Immigration?’

I’m making this video so that my answers to these questions will be available and accessible to all who have access to the internet.

In terms of Brexit, the Labour Party will end Theresa May’s reckless ‘bull in a china shop’ approach to these negotiations. We will seek to secure a good deal for Britain out of leaving the EU.

We reject Theresa May’s assertion that no deal is better than a bad deal. For us, no deal and a bad deal are unacceptable. We cannot trust Theresa May to go into these negotiations on our behalf. She claims to be strong and stable, yet at every single point has shown nothing but weakness and instability. We cannot trust a woman who has U-turned on every policy she has ever claimed to support and who has buckled and crumbled under the pressure of public scrutiny and criticism on her own manifesto pledges, less than a week after making them. Theresa May does not have the strength to go head to head with Jeremy Corbyn in a televised debate. She does not have the conviction to stand by her own manifesto policies when up against criticism from the public. How on earth can we trust her to lead the negotiations o our behalf?

The Labour Party is dedicated and committed to securing a good deal for Britain out of Brexit. We will introduce legislation and ensure there are no gaps in security and criminal justice as a result of Brexit. We will ensure that our farmers are protected and that they are able to retain their export relationship with the EU, and we will ensure that we retain our leading research position by seeking to stay a part of Horizon 2020.

In terms of immigration, we recognise that immigration has not been dealt with properly in previous years. The conservatives promised in their 2010 and 2015 manifestoes to bring immigration down to the tens of thousands. Currently immigration stands at over a quarter of a million, and under Theresa May's watch it has reached up to 336,000 which is a record high. The conservatives have repeatedly made promises on Immigration and then broken those promises. They cannot be trusted to deliver on immigration.

The Labour party offers a real strategy. We will not try to sell you bogus figures without any explanation for how we will achieve those. We have a plan for immigration.

For areas that have high levels of immigration that puts a strain on public services, we will pour more funding into those services and attempt to redirect immigration to areas where it is less problematic.

We will focus on the kinds of immigration rather than just the number, to ensure that immigration into this country is positive, that we are attracting the sorts of person who are going to benefit our economy, to hold up our public services, to work in our National Health Service.

We will crack down on unscrupulous employers who practice ‘overseas-only’ recruitment, undercutting the local job market and exploiting migrant workers who are brought over here to be paid peanuts. This will both reduce problematic immigration and ensure that jobs are available for British people.

Our immigration strategy doesn’t offer empty promises, it offers a true solution. We appreciate that immigration can be very positive when its done properly; when the right sorts of people are encouraged to come to the UK to help our economy to grow; to employ people, to be employed in public sectors. This is the kind of immigration we want in this country.

We will not have open borders. Freedom of movement will end when we are out of the European Union. The Labour Party are making real promises for a future which is fair for all, where we will all benefit out of a good Brexit deal and a solid strategy for tackling problematic immigration. The Labour Party is offering real hope. The Conservative Party can not be trusted. They have repeatedly made and broken promises. They have failed to deliver, and now they want to scapegoat those failures onto immigration, as though we will all be fooled into thinking that the reasons that our hospitals are not working, our schools are overcrowded, there is not enough housing, there are not enough jobs, is all the fault of someone else, and not a result of the failure of this government.

The Conservatives have had seven years in parliament and have failed to tackle these issues. The Labour Party are offering solutions to these problems, and I hope that you will vote for me on June 8th to give us the opportunity to hold the government to account and tackle these real issues, and make life better for British people.

Tasha Osben

Tasha is a working class candidate, a local candidate for the people of Clacton.

Vote for Tasha to be MP for Clacton on Thursday, 8th June. 

Find your local polling station HERE.

You can also talk to Tasha on Facebook and Twitter

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Tasha Osben on Brexit and Immigration [VIDEO] #GE2017

Tasha Osben, Parliamentary Candidate for Clacton, gives her views on Brexit and Immigration. Transcript below.

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